Issues: Socialism, Democracy and The Republic

Socialism, Democracy and The Republic

In the religion of humanism people believe that they have no need for gods because they are in themselves gods. Until Greece and Rome people worshiped gods in the shape of strange beings that were models of reptilian or animal life or a mixture of human and animal. Ra, the principal Egyptian god, was the god of the sun. He was human from the neck down with the head of a great bird or falcon. Others had the heads of a crocodile or a jackal or a wolf. The gods of ancient Babylon had bodies like a lion or a bull or a snake. Some animals had wings like a bird.

Ancient Greece is the great head of humanism. All of the Greek gods appeared as men and women and Rome merely adopted and renamed the Greek gods. This was the final exaltation of humanity. In today’s western world view characteristics of these particular gods of the Greek pantheon have merely been morphed into the god of mankind himself.

In the words of John F. Kennedy, “our problems are man-made, therefore they can be solved by man. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings.” That is the great western mindset. Communism has bowed to it. Christianity resists it continually, sometimes more successfully than others, but in the end Christianity will prevail. Islam will wear itself out hammering on it. The hammer wears out before the anvil.

Secular humanism or Socialism is the prominent world view. Included in it are certain beliefs and convictions. Humanism requires that all beliefs be tested. Nothing is to be accepted by faith. Each person must consider any and all beliefs and traditions no matter what area of life they involve. After due consideration the individual decides which beliefs are the most logical and which ones will work for the good of humanity in general.

Here is the heart of it. Make an image of the beast, statues, publicity, pictures, the media. Cause people to think that the beast is actually alive. Many believe that one man, the anti-Christ, will come forth as a world ruler. Even so, the spirit of the anti-Christ supports the anti-Christ spirit, this is humanism, aka socialism, communism, etc. It is certainly a religion, the world religion. The return of Jesus to the visible realm will end the anti-Christ.

But the simple form of an image is not enough. The beast must seem to be alive. So, the media presents images that move, images that look alive. Using media outlets they pummel the people with constant sensations and images of the second beast. The media propagates the lies of humanism. Television and films and games can make any sort of character seem to come alive. The hearts of people are won over to the belief that surely, as Kennedy said, humanity can solve its own problems. This is the supreme lie. The Christian faith insists that only the god-man Jesus can save.

Adam was created on the 6th day. The number 666 screams “man, man, man.” Here, there and everywhere the answer lies within the natural man, the carnal man. This says, “we do not need the living God, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Mankind, both male and female, is its own trinity. His/Her body, soul, and spirit are more than enough!” And if they can erase the his-her distinction that is all the better.

John F. Kennedy was a precursor to the Anti-Christ. If anti-Christ comes forth as an actual individual human being, he will be a lot like Kennedy, handsome, brilliant, wealthy, virile, inspiring. And still spouting the same lie, “no problem of human destiny is beyond human beings.”

This entire process is much further along that most Christians think. It is upon us in the 21st century. To follow it is spiritual death.

Click To Buy - A novel in which The United States has divided into five nations by 2050 A.D.

Click To Buy - A novel in which The United States has divided into five nations by 2050 A.D.


Where It All Began

13 British Colonies - How to know and remember Them

The thirteen original colonies were all near the Atlantic Ocean.

They were started for different  reasons. Some for commerce, some to escape religious persecution, one as a penal colony for debtors.

Three Native American (Indian) Names or Tribes

1. Delaware

2. Massachusetts

3. Connecticut

Three "New" versions  from places in England

4. New York

5. New Jersey

6. New Hampshire

Seven Up The East Coast - People's names from England

7. Georgia (King George II)

8. South Carolina (Queen Caroline,or Latin for [King] Charles)

9. North Carolina ((Queen Caroline,or Latin for [King] Charles)

10. Virginia (Queen Elizabeth I, The Virgin Queen, who did not marry.)

11. Pennsylvania ("Penn's Woods," British Quaker Leader)

12. Rhode Island (perhaps an Island or person names Rhodes)

13. Maryland (after a Queen Mary)

North America In 2050? A Novel - Fiction

The United States (Old  Federation) 1776

Capital: The District of Columbia which counts as a state. Total: 24 states.

The Texican Republic 2036 

Capital: Houston, Texas. Total: 10 states. 

1. Texas 

2. Oklahoma

3.  Missouri

4.  Arkansas

5.  New Mexico

6.  Arizona

7.  Chihuahua

8.  Coahuila 

9.  Nueva-Leon

10. Tamaulipas

The North West Federation 2043

Capital: Seattle, Washington. Total: 5 states.

1) Oregon

2) Washington 

3) British Columbia

4) Yukon

5) Alaska 

The Central Alliance 2047

Capital: Kansas City, Kansas. Total: 8 states. 

1) Montana

2) Idaho

3) Utah

4) Kansas 

5) Nebraska

6) North Dakota

7) South Dakota

8) Wyoming

The Southern Confederation 2050

Capital: Richmond, Virginia. Total: 9 states.

1) Virginia 

2) West Virginia

3) North Carolina

4) South Carolina 

5) Georgia

6) Alabama

7) Mississippi 

8) Louisiana

9) Tennessee

Hawaii joined the Pacific Nations in 2040.

This story is told looking back from 2080.


Video - The Patriots' Gift

The Patriots' Gift is a novel in which The United States has divided into five nations by the year 2050 A.D. Each of these nations has different convictions and beliefs. The Texican Republic was the first to leave in 2035. They were followed by The North West Federation, The Central Alliance, and The Southern Confederation. The United States also continues. This story follows the efforts of one family as they strive to reunite these nations. 

Modern Liberalism

 What Is Modern Liberalism? 

Probably not what most people think it is. Historians refer to the Modern Era in Europe as the time beginning at about 1600 A.D. 

“Modern Liberalism” in Europe including Britain was the philosophy which was concerned about the Rights of the Governed. It was the time of emerging Republics against the Kings. 

In Britain General Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) led the Parliamentarians in the British Civil War against King Charles I whom Cromwell defeated and beheaded in 1649 and the elected Parliament ruled Britain as The Puritan Commonwealth, (1649-1660). After the death of Cromwell his second son tried to take his father’s place as “The Lord Protector” but failed and Parliament called Charles II, the son of the beheaded King, back to be their King. (“England will always have a king.” - Shakespeare) However, the influence of Parliament had been established and the Monarch’s power became more and more limited from that time forward. But Britain had lost their Republic. It then fell to America to create a successful Republic in the New World. 

Samuel Rutherford and John Locke were two early representatives of a representative Biblebased Republic. Unlike a Democracy (mob rule) a Republic consists of elected representatives who make the laws of the land which are enforced by a Prime Minister (Head of Government) under a king (Head of State) or a President. 

A President is both Head of State and Head of Government. The Protestant Reformation is the ancestor of Modern Republicanism and of the American Declaration of Independence (1776) and The Constitution (1789). 

Here is its family Tree: 

American Republicanism 

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams (both died July 4, 1826) and other Fathers of the Republic. 

John Locke (1632-1704) Locke’s father was a Cavalry Captain under Cromwell. 

Samuel Rutherford (1600-1661) 

John Knox (1513 -1572) 

John Calvin (1509-1564) 

Martin Luther (1483-1546) 


The Challengers


 Many people think that America’s next great faith will be Islam. This is not true. In fact, Islam does not come close to being the biggest challenge to Christianity in America. The counter faith to Christianity in America is Secular Humanism or Socialism which is not Democracy. Secular Humanism exalts mankind and the achievements of mankind over everything. It is the modern equivalent of the Greek and Roman gods. While the modern American would not fall down and actually worship a statue of Zeus or Jupiter, he is capable of holding the human race in reverence so highly that it amounts to worship. Nevertheless, Secular Humanism although it often partners with Christianity will not prevail either. Here is why.