Parousia - The Second Coming

"The Arrival"

First an enormous manly shout was heard worldwide. Then another voice which shook the earth proclaiming, “Behold, the King of Kings returns!” And then a trumpet sounded. Even if you had heard trumpets before this sounding was undeniably different, it was clearer and full of authority. There was not the slightest doubt in the mind of any human being on earth that this was a great event, even if they did not know what event it was. But the Disciples knew exactly what it was, Jesus was back! The Second Coming!

Then instantly all the graves in the world, both on land and sea, were opened and millions of resurrected bodies were seen flying heavenward. Within a split-second millions of humans were transformed into another state of being. Their new bodies all looked pretty much alike, slender, muscular, and not appearing as either male or female. They all seemed to have on a sort of tailored robe which was solid white. But the faces, the faces were all unique, the personhood and personality of each face was recognizable as the individual person they had always been as was each individual voice. 

The King of Kings went directly to the capital of his ancestor King David in the mid-eastern city of Jerusalem and assumed David’s throne which had just appeared on the top of the Mount of Olives. There was an enormous gathering of both angelic beings and Disciples around this throne. The entire assemblage just hovered in an enormous semicircle in the air. Level upon level rose high into the air. At first the angels were in front. A few angels were much larger than the others, there were millions of them. They were the leaders. 

But then slowly the angel legions moved down and then back so that the humans were in front. Jesus stood and began to point to various individual humans. Each time an escort angel would come forward and go to the side of a human and bring them forward to talk to the King. They would prostrate themselves before the King and he would motion for them to rise. Words were exchanged and then that person would become part of another semi-circle behind the King and wait. This activity would go on for days. 

The human mortals who had not been changed would watch from the ground under this massive assemblage in shifts, some sleeping while others watched. None of the people gathered together there in the sky seemed to need any sleep. The sun would set and rise and set again, but it was not noticed because the white light emanating from the King drowned out the light of the sun and the dark of night. 

Finally, after many days the process seemed to be complete. The loud angelic voice spoke once again. 

“The King bids you all to depart to your dominions and take command. Meet in seven days time behind the veil for the great Marriage supper.” The whole world was stunned and the mortals waited in silent fear.

For a long time there had been an enormous statue of the Roman idol god of iron, Vulcan, high on a pedestal on top of a hill in Birmingham.

Prince Peter had appeared immediately after the Archangel had spoken. He and his party hovered in the air just above the enormous statue of Vulcan. Peter gestured. One large angel shoved the statue from behind and it fell into the valley below a crumpled wreck. Others smoothed the top of the pillar and some white chairs were brought to the top of the pillar. One large chair was placed in the center and flanked on both side by five other chairs. The chair to the left of the center one was raised so that it was about 6 inches higher. A contingent of angels formed a canopy over this dais and one of them pronounced, “Behold, Prince Peter of Birmingham and environs.

In seven days there would be the great feast. 

[An excerpt from the work-in-progress Come Quickly]


Reign: The Beginning

The new Prince had a longer scepter than Metropolitan Sawyer. They both had small crowns of golden olive leaves around their heads. I soon learned that our visitor was the Prince Janice Holland, Governor of the East Coast of which Atlanta was only a part. She was the Over-Lord. I later learned that all governors had a Metropolitan over them and that all Metropolitans had an Over-Lord. That over the many Over-Lord’s there were two Viceroys, one in the East and one in the West, and then the Emperor Himself. Among themselves the Immortals all just seemed like old friends, very casual and always happy. Why not? There was nothing that could threaten them.

As they visited and talked about their former lives as mortals I sat spellbound.

What must it have been like? Some of them had been killed in the wars. Some of them were killed for their faith in those dark days before the Return of the Emperor.

In a little while an angel appeared at the Dais and spoke quietly to the Metropolitan. A mortal had committed some offence and another Immortal was bringing him for judgment. They appeared and the man was very frightened.

“He has killed his neighbor,” the Immortal said. The Metropolitan Sawyer looked at his Over-Lord. She nodded back for him to handle it. He picked up his scepter from the little table beside his chair.

“You have killed your neighbor out of greed and hatred,” he said. The man cringed. The Metropolitan pointed his scepter at the man. A look of terror crossed his face.

“That field should have been mine,” the man said.

“But it was not. Why did you kill him?”

“As I said, er, Excellency, it should have been mine.”

“How do you feel about killing him?” the Metropolitan asked.

“Well, I . . .”

“Never mind,” the Metropolitan said. “You are guilty.” All of the color left the man’s face.

“A life for a life,” the Metropolitan said. And the man fell over dead. Another wave of the scepter and two angels whisked the body away.

“Back to his family for burial,” Elaine whispered to me. I had never seen such a thing. I thought everyone was too afraid of judgment to disobey the Ten Laws. They returned to their conversations as if nothing had happened. Well, I thought, that was what they are here for. They judge and keep the peace. I was glad they were here; it gave life the secure feeling that we mortals had become accustomed to over the generations. The mortals at court talked a lot about this judgment over the next several days.

From Chapter 1 of Reign I: We See Him As He Is (Reign: The Beginning)



St Francis And Friends

Two accounts of animals talking in the Bible; The Serpent (Gen 3:1-4) & Balaam's donkey. (Num 22:28)

Perhaps animals will talk during the coming Millennial Reign ...

Will my puppy be in heaven? What about the animals in the afterlife? Animals are mentioned in certain Bible passages. They are there during the Thousand Year Reign. They are not the same animals that we have had as pets, but they are there. There are two accounts of animals talking in the Bible.This little book is a fictional story about animals in the afterlife. It is Chapter 6 Of Reign II, Chapter 11 Of Reign: The Millennium.  

Excerpt ...

05.22.750 C.R. [Christus Regnus]

After I had been Keeper for about a year I had relaxed some about my calling. Elaine appeared early one afternoon. “Ken, we‟re going on a trip,” she proclaimed as she entered the residence. She always appeared just outside and walked through the door without knocking or being announced. This was her way of respecting my privacy without standing on ceremony. She is, after all, an Immortal Prince and the Imperial Legate in charge of the Keeper‟s office. “A trip, mistress?” “Yes, to the court of the overlord of the Mediterranean.” “Wonderful, wonderful,” I replied while trying to think of who that is. “That's Marco the Centurion,” she said as if to read my thoughts. I do not believe that she actually can read my thoughts, it is just that she has been around for such a long time and is a student of human nature. “Yes, Marco,” I replied. “From the Second Testament.” “You know your Scriptures, Ken.”

I was flattered. I read these writings over and over again. “Thank you, mistress. Wasn't Marco the one who believed the Emperor when the Emperor‟s blood relatives would not?” “You know he is, Ken. Such a show off.” “I do not intend to "show off‟, Mistress. It's just that there are so few things that I am good at.” “I thought you were working through that,” she answered. See, she can not read minds. “I am. I am, really.” She smiled. I shut up. “Actually, Marco is an excellent choice for a ruler as he so readily recognized the importance of authority,” Elaine continued after a short while. I nodded again. “His faith was actually based on his recognition of authority. He obeyed his superiors and expected his soldiers to obey him. So when he told the Emperor that he did not have to come and heal his servant but to merely say the word, it was because he understood authority. Now he has been given as lot of authority over the very part of the world where he served as a captain of a hundred.” I nodded again. “If you are ready, Ken, we will go. There is someone else there I want you to meet. He is a Prince in Marco's court.” 

We went outside where Elaine‟s escort appeared and we were there in Constantinople or Istanbul as it is was once called. The Over-Lord‟s Dais is just a few miles from the Metropolitan‟s Dais there. “My Brother, Marco,” Elaine exclaimed. “I haven‟t seen you since the last Great Feast.” She hugged him long and hard. I was a little surprised. I knew that they had not been mortal at the same time, but they seemed to be very close. Marco hugged her in return with some zest. But I soon discovered that Marco did everything with some zest. Something to do with his lineage. “Marco, this is our new Keeper, who has been in office about a year now, I brought him to meet Francis,” Elaine chimed.

I approached the Over-Lord who was still standing from Elaine‟s arrival. His considerable court was standing as well. The sky was full of angelic presence and escorts. “And so you come to us as Legate,” Marco said to Elaine as he extended his hand to me. “And as a sister and a friend,” Elaine said smiling her biggest smile. “I am so glad to meet the new Keeper,” Marco said as he shook my hand so hard my shoulder actually hurt. “Marco, your strength ...” Elaine said. “Oh, so sorry young man,” the Over-Lord said. “Did not mean to injure you. Are you O.K.?” “Yes, my lord, just fine,” I said rubbing my shoulder. He put one hand on that shoulder and it was immediately fine. “So you came to meet the Prince Francis?” he asked. “Evidently, my lord.” “Evidently! Ha! So she only tells you so much my young Keeper. No worry, she is the same with us.” Then lowering his voice slightly, “always some great secret, you know. But she is delightful.” He nodded expecting agreement so I nodded as well. Elaine just smiled. Do Immortals actually fall in love with each other? No, I know better than that. But this was new to me. I had never seen Elaine so ... delightful.‟ She must really like Marco. So they do have favorites. Clasping me on the back Marco led me back to his seat and motioned for me to sit on a nearby stool. This was a high honor for a mortal and I was glad for it. 

“Now, let‟s see,” Marco continued as he scanned the area. His court seated themselves. “Where is our brother Francis?” “I believe he went to his reserve in Australia,” a female prince offered. “Oh yes, Australia, such interesting animals there,” Marco nodded. “Trieste!” Marco called to a particularly impressive angel just above and in front of the Dais. The angel swooped down and bowed to the Over-Lord.

“Please go and beg my brother Francis to meet with us here,” Marco said. I thought  this Over-Lord was extremely polite. Again probably his bloodline. In a few minutes Trieste and another escort appeared and Francis stepped onto the Dais. He had a beautiful parrot on one shoulder and a small shaggy black and white monkey in his arms. “What animals do you bring us today?” Marco asked. Francis gave the particular names of the animals both technical and common. I was fascinated. “No, my brother,” Marco continued. “I mean what do you call them, what do they answer to?” 

“Oh, of course, this is Arthur,” he pointed to the multicolored bird on his shoulder. “And this baby has not been named yet. His mother was injured and I have adopted him.” He caressed the infant monkey who was very still. “Say hello to the Over-Lord Arthur,” Francis said. “Hello, your excellency,” the parrot said, “It is a great pleasure to be at your Dais today. I trust that the Over-Lord is quite pleased with all that is around him this beautiful day,” the parrot continued. I was amazed. My jaw dropped open. 

Elaine clapped and said, “Marvelous, Francis. Arthur is absolutely marvelous.” Then she said to me. “Francis has expanded the talking abilities of many animals. He is quite fond of them all.” “Mistress,” I said softly. She leaned in my direction. “Is this Immortal Francis from the Italian town of Assisi?” “Smart Ken. You have guessed it. He is the great champion of animals.” Now I knew who she had brought me to meet. Francis sat down on the other side of me and handed me the little monkey without speaking a word to me. I caressed it and loved it. The tiny creature almost appeared to purr like a cat. “You like the monkey?” the parrot asked me. I nodded before I could catch my own surprise. What had Elaine said? “Expanded the talking abilities?” I should think so.

This parrot seems capable of a conversation. I decided to explore this right there in front of the Over-Lord and his entire court. “Yes. How about you?” I asked the parrot. “Do you like monkeys?” “Yes, they are fine,” he answered and continued, “we are all God's creatures, children of the Emperor, but I generally prefer birds.” The entire court chuckled. I was dumfounded once again. Francis leaned forward and said to me, “Yes, he can actually carry on a conversation. And I see that you like animals.” “Yes, my lord, I do. Very much. They are so innocent and pure. Don‟t you think?” “Indeed I do.” Then every prince on the Dais had to speak to the parrot who was passed from arm to arm. He readily accepted each new arm and chatted to everyone who talked to him. This went on for quite some time. I just held the little monkey while he took a short nap. Later Francis held out his hands to retrieve his monkey. Reluctantly I gave it back. 

He saw my hesitation and said, “After the meal we should talk, Keeper.” I nodded as I remembered how hungry I was. I learned that the Over-Lord Marco of the Mediterranean had many chefs and outstanding meals. I also learned that Francis was a vegetarian. “These are just domestic cows and birds,” Marco said in an attempt to get Frances to try a meat dish. At the word "birds‟ Arthur the parrot squawked loudly. I felt strange so I looked around and noticed that the entire court did not know just how to respond. Some smiled but did not laugh. Others acted as if they had not heard Marco's remark or the squawk. I waited for what seemed to be a very long time after the meal until Francis was ready to talk. By the time I saw him walking across Marco's beautiful garden, I was sleepy so I stood and tried to be very much awake. “I am so sorry,” Francis said as he approached me. Let us get you a cold drink. He motioned to one of the mortal waiters who brought me some wonderful lemonade. It was cold and it revived me.

“I remember when I was mortal how a big luncheon would make me so sleepy afterwards especially on a warm spring afternoon like this one. There now, are you ready for a little talk?” “Absolutely, my lord.” “You are just going to have to call me Francis. May I call you Ken, Keeper?” “Yes, of course. And thank you Francis.” We got along great from the start. Later when talking to a friend about my first meeting with Francis, my friend asked how I felt when he handed me the little monkey and did not speak a word. I said that this did not even occur to me at the time. Actually any one that Francis hands a defenseless infant animal to should be honored with the trust extended. I guess that somewhere inside I actually felt like that. 

“You see, Ken, I would like to take you to see my animal friends. I feel like you would enjoy it tremendously. I loved animals as a mortal, but here in the reign it is so much better. They no longer have their natural fear and ferocity that they had before. And I am able to do so much with them.” “Yes, the parrot Arthur,” I began. “Yes, he is one. The Emperor has allowed me the power to actually improve some of them. If you come with me, you will see.” I was ready to start right then. “So, Ken, I will come to your house in about a week and we will plan our travels. Is that good with you?” “Of course,” I said. I wondered how I would wait that long.


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This little book is Chapter 6 Of Reign II, Chapter 11 Of Reign: The Millennium.

This little book is Chapter 6 Of Reign II, Chapter 11 Of Reign: The Millennium.