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Commentary on the Letters of John

There is no witness like an eye witness. John was a part of the innermost circle. Along with his brother James and Peter he had seen all of Jesus that there was to see on this earth. And later he saw more when he saw and wrote the Revelation. He was with Jesus on the mount of transfiguration. He laid his head on Jesus’ chest at the last supper. He was the first man to arrive at the empty tomb. He outlived all of the original twelve to die at past 100 years of age. He was the foremost eyewitness to the ministry of Jesus Christ.

John had indeed handled the risen Jesus. He was well aware that Jesus had been since the beginning of the universe. He was well aware that Jesus himself was in himself Eternal Life. He had fellowship with this risen Christ and he wanted his “children” to enjoy the same fellowship. He also wanted his “children” to experience the full joy of this fellowship with the Risen Jesus Christ. These were the reasons he was writing this general letter to be circulated among the various fellowships of Christian believers and copied and circulated some more.


1JOHN 1:5 This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.

Love and Light. These are John’s themes. He rides them for all they are worth. Yet he never exhausts their full meaning. Not only does he declare that God is light, but he restates it from the negative extreme so that we will understand: in God there is no darkness at all, none whatsoever. Anytime that we are tempted to attribute darkness to God we must remember John’s word who knew him best. 

There is no darkness at all in God. He is pure light and nothing but light. Some may say that they have experienced God as darkness; they may even quote the Old Testament. But the full revelation of God as seen by the primary eye witness is nothing but pure unadulterated Light. Blazing, glorious, intense, pure Light. Anything or anybody who contradicts this is in error; they are wrong, mistaken and misled. This should be emblazoned in the memory and consciousness of every Christian believer. If it is, the believer will never stray far from the truth about God. 

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God's Leading - Makes a Great Gift In Print



I. Twelve Ways God Led The Disciples In Acts

II. The Body-Soul-Spirit Human Being 

III. The Soul And Impressions From God 

IV. Urim and Thummim – Every Priest

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Often after a person has been a Christian for a while, they begin to experience confusing or disorienting times. They may wonder, where is the joy, where is the excitement that I experienced at the first? They often feel that they are wandering in the woods looking for some of the old familiar signposts or markers. Things regarding their faith seem hazy or fog filled. They are going through a brief period of wandering in the wilderness. 

Other Christians often tell them that such times are normal. After all, Moses and the people of Israel wandered in the wilderness, Jesus was led into the wilderness to be tempted and Paul spent years in obscurity before he began his ministry. These comparisons may apply somewhat to the individual walk of many believers, but they should not be accepted as normal or necessary. We live under a better covenant than the Israelites. Jesus had a unique mission to accomplish as did Paul.  

Sincere Christians go through these repeatedly in their lives. God’s Great Love for us causes or allows these experiences for our own good. Often when someone becomes a Christian by accepting Jesus Christ into their heart, they are convinced that nothing can ever get difficult again. It is not long before they learn that this is not the case.  

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New Devotional - Colossians

New Devotional - Colossians


New Devotional - Colossians

New Devotional - Colossians

New Devotional - Colossians


New Devotional - Colossians