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God Just Keeps On Giving - Paul had been the chief legalist before he discovered salvation through faith by grace and was converted. Then he vigorously attacked any legalists who tried to mislead his converts. 

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* The Great Awakening

* The Wilderness Revival

* The Scottish Revival of 1830

* The Pentecostal Movement

* The Latter Rain Movement

* The Charismatic Movement

* The Faith Movement etc.

* What Lies Ahead?

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Please check out my new course on Revival. It compares the Scottish Revival of 1830, which I studied for my PhD in Scotland, with the more recent charismatic movement. I was looking for both the power and the wisdom. The course includes videos, audios, pictures, texts, free PDF downloads. Your end of lesson comments are immediately emailed to me . You do have to login with an email address and a password. (Takes debit/credit cards via Paypal.)

Scottish Revival 1830 - 9 lessons - $29 Recommended 

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Christian Kenotic Theory - 4 Lessons - Pay what you want including $0.

The Humanity of Jesus.

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Missionary: Kenya, East Africa, I taught Theology to mature pastors in English. I taught Bible to pastors and leaders with simultaneous translator into Swahili. In Mexico I taught young leaders with simultaneous translator into Spanish. 

Personnel Director: University – Prison Rehab Agency – Retail