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The Patriots Gift

In The Patriots’ Gift The United States has divided into five nations by the year 2050 A.D. Each of these nations has different convictions and beliefs. The Texas Republic was the first to leave in 2035. They were followed by The North West Federation, The Central Alliance, and The Southern Confederation. The United States also continues.  

Stephen George Hampton II was born in 2040. When The Southern Confederation began in 2050 he was 10 years old. Stephen’s calling and mission is to reunite The Texican Republic with The Southern Confederation.

“The Liberty and freedom that this nation was founded upon now seemed to be the least priority. The Statue of Liberty is replaced by a “pagan monstrosity” given by the European Union.  Conflicts and division abound between the nations as the author offers a fantastically wild look at outcomes that may not be so far-fetched, presenting many twists and turns that culminate in an on-going saga that will keep one’s eyes glued to the pages. Heroic and detailed, and filled with the debauchery of government and the outcry for justice, the author portrays a fictional account of the possible future of the United States. A highly entertaining series!”

CBM Book Review  -  10 out of 10 Stars  

Print 14.95

eBook 7.95

American Armageddon

I hear too many so-called experts expound on solutions to society’s problems. I start by viewing problems from a biblical perspective. I believe our founders established our country as a nation under God. I offer a solution. What many Christians would call the “Good News.” As a country, as a people, I believe we could use a little good news. And, the best part, it is free for the asking.

Being a Pastor I tend to write books based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I came to my faith rather late in life, after years of what I would describe as my “Dark Ages.” Almost all areas of my life needed to be re-formed and transformed. Only the Lord could accomplish this mission. Now my life seems to proceed miracle by miracle. Over the past several years I have been concerned over the direction our country seems to be taking. Too often evil seems to be tolerated, even supported as good. For the most part the Church seems to be content to stand behind closed doors. Christianity has become whatever one says it is. These days people are self-proclaimed Christians with God made in their own image of Him.

Therefore, Christianity and politics don’t mix. My latest book will challenge that assumption. I just don’t think God should be excluded from any area of our lives. Check my book, America Armageddon out and see what you think.

Donald C. Henderson

Print 7.95

eBook 4.95

Decades of experience as a minister, executive, teacher, and professor on three continents coupled with five earned degrees from world class institutions has given David the ability to analyze the issues and write both interesting and informative fiction and non fiction.

My Life As A Soldier

Euell White is a true patriot and a soldier’s soldier. He came up through the ranks to officership, but never lost the common touch that typifies real leadership. From the day he enlisted to the day he retired, Euell personified the time-honored tradition of “leading by example.” He was-and-is the real deal. Euell’s book chronicles his well-lived and purpose-driven life as a splendid soldier, faithful husband and loving father. My Life as a Soldier is a stirring story, told well by the man who has “been there and done that” in and out of combat. In short, Euell’s book is a “good read’ made better by his ability to write in terms that are clear to layman and professional alike. It deserves a wide audience.

Thomas B, Vaughn Colonel, United States Army, Retired   

Print   19.95    

eBook  8.95

Euell Retired from the Army in 1972 after 21 years of service in the combat branches of Armor, Infantry and Special Forces, 10 years as a noncommissioned Officer and 10 years as a commissioned officer.  He Served three tours in Vietnam, twice awarded the Bronze Star for Valor and the Purple Heart medals. He also earned the Master Parachutist and Combat Infantryman Badges.